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Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway A U film should be suitable for audiences aged four years and over, although it is impossible to predict what might upset any particular child.

U films should be set within a positive framework and should offer reassuring counterbalances to any violence, threat or horror. If a work is particularly suitable for pre-school children, this will be indicated in the ratings info.


Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway

Directed by


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UK release date Released: 21st May 2021
 BBFC Age Rating:  U age rating

UK Release date

21st May 2021

US Release date

11th June 2021

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Sequel movie Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway is given a U age rating in the UK by the BBFC.

The animated/live action movie is a sequel to the 2018 box office hit Peter rabbit and is directed by again by Will Gluck.

Peter Rabbit 2 U certificate

The plot involves Despite Peter who can't seem to shake his reputation for mischief among the other rabbits going on an adventures out of the garden where Peter finds himself in a world where mischief is appreciated.

The film stars James Corden and Domhnall Gleeson, here are more details from the BBFC website.

  • Release Date: 11th December 2020
  • Runtime: 93 minutes (1 hour 33 minutes)
  • Age Rating: U
  • The movie was passed uncut

In the ever increasing list of films being delayed because of the global coronavirus pandemic Fast & Furious 9 is delayed until April 2nd 2021.

The list of film getting delayed is increasing with No Time To Die, Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaways and just today The Quiet Place Part II all getting put back.

The viral outbreak is making a difference to the box office as evidence by last weekends results and with no end in sight you can't blame the studios.

Getting put back to 2021 is a strange move but Easter/Spring is clearly the best time of year for this Billion dollar franchise.

Director John Krasinski has announced that the release date for A Quiet Place Part II has been put back from its original March 19th date.

The sequel to the original 2018 hit movie has joined No Time To Die and Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaways in changing the release because of the global pandemic.

Authorities have advised that because of the coronavirus it is best to avoid large crowds in an attempt to contain the virus.

As seen in last weeks box office across the world the public is choosing not to go the movie theatres, and for potential blockbusters this could have a large effect on their box office gross.

No new release date has been announced, but world governments seem to be suggesting things will be readdressed in early April.

After the original Peter Rabbit took a very respectable $351 Million globally (£41 Million in the UK) a sequel was inevitable, and Sony have released a new trailer for the March film.

Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway stars the voice talent of James Corden as Peter and this time he is joined by Margot Robbie and Rose Byrne.

The film is subtitled The Runaways and in the trailer we see them .... well running away.

The original movie didn't get good reviews, but this is a movie aimed well and truly at kids, its released on 27th March 2020, just in time for the Easter Holidays, and after the Gavin and Stacy Christmas Special we are all in love with James Cordon!