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 106 minutes (1 hrs 46 mins)
UK release date Released: 12th October 2015
 BBFC Age Rating:  12A age rating
US release date Released: 23rd October 2015
MPAA Age Rating: Suffragette PG-13 age rating 

Directed by


Anne-Marie Duff
Violet Miller
Grace Stottor
Maggie Miller
Geoff Bell
Norman Taylor
Maud Watts
Amanda Lawrence
Miss Withers
Shelley Longworth
Miss Samson
Adam Michael Dodd
George Watts
Sonny Watts
Sarah Finigan
Mrs Garston
Drew Edwards
Male Laundry Worker
Lorraine Stanley
Mrs Coleman
Romola Garai
Alice Haughton
Adam Nagaitis
Mr Cummins
Finbar Lynch
Hugh Ellyn
Samuel West
Benedict Haughton
Nick Hendrix
Government Minister
Clive Wood
Superintendent James Burrill
Brendan Gleeson
Inspector Arthur Steed
Morgan Watkins
Detective Malcolm Walsop
Ross Green
House of Commons Clerk
Adrian Schiller
David Lloyd George
Col Needham
Committee Member
Jamie Ballard
Joyce Henderson
Female Prison Guard
Raewyn Lippert
Mrs. Lewis
Natalie Press
Emily Wilding Davison
Jo Neary
Woman Prisoner
Annabelle Dowler
Elegant Suffragette
Emmeline Pankhurst
Catherine Tomelty
Elegant Woman
Susie Baxter
Lisa Dillon
Mrs Drayton
Matt Blair
Mr. Drayton
Jacob Krichefski
Prison Officer
Jonathan Cullen
Prison Doctor
John Cummins
Epsom Groundsman
Daniel Tatarsky
Racecourse Attendant
James Ward
Racegoer 1
Adam Harley
Racegoer 2
Simon Gifford
Sophie Andrews-Waller
Violet's Daughter
Aleana Anthony
Middle Class Suffragette
Hayley Joanne Bacon
Middle Class Suffragette
Richard Banks
Police Detective and Developer
Izzy Bayley-King
Young Suffragette
Sal Bolton
Bodyguard to Emmeline Pankhurst
Alexander Bracq
Upper Class Gentleman
Ancuta Breaban
Upper Suffragette
Ray Burnet
Churchill, Cabinet Minister
Pamela Betsy Cooper
Laundry Worker
Alexis Coward
Matt Dallas
Factory worker
Charlotte Day
Jujitsu Lady
Helen Evans
Distinguished Middle Class Lady
Victoria Fayne
David Few-Cooper
Sian French
Laundry Worker
Anna Gabell
Mrs. Baxter
Clive De-Halton Gibson
Plain clothes Police (Steed's men)
David Golt
Final Race Observer
Sophie Greig
Aslihan Gulen
Middle Class Suffragette
Lee Nicholas Harris
Police Constable
Dominic Hatje
Man in Street / Racegoer
Kevin Hudson
The Muffin Man
Aisling Hughes
Mariola Jaworska
Prison Warden
Steven J. Jobes
Suffragette Sympathiser
Semina Lewis
Suffragette Lady
Simone Liebman
Upper Class Suffragette
Wesley Lloyd
Office Volunteer
Nick Longland
Middle Class Gentleman
Edina Loskay
Ruthie Luff
Middle Class Suffragette
Martyn Mayger
Middle Class Gentleman
Pete Meads
Alice Louise Norris
Judit Novotnik
Prison Warden
Adam Nowell
Hugh O'Brien
Wealthy Gentleman
Tim Packham
Middle-Class Man
Katherine Perkins
Adelaide (Charitable Lady)
Michael Pretty
Middle Class Gentleman
Lilian Price
Cinema Girl
Pippa Rathborne
Charitable Lady 1
Jared Rogers
Warren Rushton
Taxi driver
Janette Sharpe
Laundry Worker
Tamara Sharpe
Laundry Worker
Karol Steele
Laundry Woman
Robert Styles
Arresting Officer
Rob Townsend
Police Constable
Aidan White
Committee Member
Natalie Wilcox
Middle Class Suffragette
Patricia Winker
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On the UK video chart this week Spectre manages to hold on to the top spot for a second week while war time drama Suffragette is the highest new film.

After a fantastic showing on the video chart last week there was no move for the latest Bond movie this week with sales too strong for any of the new releases.

Suffragette was the highest new film at 2, the film was released into UK cinemas on 16th October 2016 where it has a debut week at number 2.

The film put in 6 weeks inside the top 15 films in the UK before hanging around the box office for another 12 weeks and was still in some cinemas last weekend.

The film didn't bust any balls at the box office but did manage to rake in a fairly good £9.9 million over its run.

Also new on the video chart this week is: Brooklyn entering at number 3, The Intern new at number 8 and finally Paranormal Activity The Ghost Dimension at number 9.

This week there are no less than 5 news film on the top 10 with animated sequel Hotel Transylvania 2 landing at the top.

HT2 tops the Uk box office with weekend gross of £6.3 million, this far outstrips the original movie in the series which entered at 2 with £1.7 million.

Hotel Transylvania went on to gross £7.8 million at the UK box office which this sequel should manage by next weekend.

Last weeks top film, The Martian, falls to number 4 this week after a all new top 3 entered the box office.

At number 2 is the true life drama Suffragettes starring Carey Mulligan and at 3 is Pan the Peter pan origins story starring Hugh Jackman.

Also new this week is: Crimson Peak at number 5 and The lobster at number 9.

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Dinosaur from Disney made its debut a the top knocking Billy Elliott down to number 3.

Twenty years ago
Pocahontas kept its hold on the top of the chart and in an unusual move there was no new film that entered the chart.

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Ghost held on at the top for yet another week leaving The Little Mermaid to enter highest at number 2.

What are the films were looking forward to the most in 2015? Here is our list of the 15 films were most excited about this year.

Do you agree? Have we missed something off? Let us know what you think of this list.

So in order of release date here it is.

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Fifty Shades of Grey - Despite the trashy nature of the novel the trailer for this have made it look, if nothing else, intriguing.

Chappie - Neill Blomkamp delivered with District 9 and brought the interesting Elysium to the screen, the trailer looks good.

The Divergent Series Insurgent - Divergent was surprisingly good and has whetted the appetite for this sequel.

Avengers: Age of Ultron - Avengers was simply brilliant and this should deliver action and drama in ample doses, Joss Whedon can do no wrong!

Pitch Perfect 2 - The real surprise feel good movie of all time, Pitch Perfect get it's deserved sequel.

Pixels - it may have Adam Sandler in it but the concept just makes us want to see this big time.

Tomorrowland - Fascinating concept and with George Clooney, it will be either great or just terrible!

Jurassic World - 14 years later the world of dinosaurs has evolved to a fully working theme park as visualised in the original, of course things go wrong!

Terminator: Genisys - Love or hate the idea behind this it will either revive or kill the series, and how else could they have brought an ageing Arnie back?

Minions - The best of the Despicable Me series gets their own film, the trailer have the laughing out loud.

Inside Out - Pixar are back with a take on the Hermans Head idea, even Pixars worst and really great so high expectations for this.

Suffragette - Maybe its because we know someone in this film, or maybe it's because of the all star line up but were really looking forward to this.

Spectre - It's Bond, it's the follow up the the Uk's highest grossing film ever, it will be great, nothing more to say.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens - The year ends with the most anticipated film of them all and the most anticipated film since … Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace, lets hope this one live up to expectations.