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Raya and the Last Dragon

Raya and the Last Dragon

Directed by

Don Hall
Carlos Lopez Estrada
Paul Briggs
John Ripa


Izaac Wang
Gemma Chan
Daniel Dae Kim
Benedict Wong
Jona Xiao
Young Namaari
Sandra Oh
Thalia Tran
Little Noi
Lucille Soong
Dang Hu
Alan Tudyk
Tuk Tuk
Gordon Ip
Merchant #2
Dichen Lachman
General Atitaya, Spine Warrior
Patti Harrison
Tail Chief
Jon Park
Sung Kang
Dang Hai
Sierra Katow
Merchant, Fang Officer
Ross Butler
Spine Chief
François Chau
Paul Yen
Merchant #1
Isabella Abiera
Additional Voices
Deuce Basco
Additional Voices
G.K. Bowes
Additional Voices
Reggie De Leon
Additional Voices
Liza Del Mundo
Additional Voices
Terri Douglas
Additional Voices
Tania Gunadi
Additional Voices
Ren Hanami
Additional Voices
Ben Hisoler
Additional Voices
Jennie Kwan
Additional Voices
Aleks Le
Additional Voices
Kayla Melikian
Additional Voices
Yabo Obien
Additional Voices
Lucian Perez
Additional Voices
Vyvan Pham
Additional Voices
Griffin Puatu
Additional Voices
Vincent Rodriguez III
Additional Voices
Abraham Sigler
Additional Voices
JB Tadena
Additional Voices
Lily Villegas
Additional Voices
Jenn Wong
Additional Voices
Sanyee Yuan
Additional Voices
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 114 minutes (1 hrs 54 mins)
UK release date Released: 5th March 2021
US release date Released: 5th March 2021

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Movie story - Raya and the Last Dragon
In a fantasy land called Kumandra, split into five different regions, a warrior named Raya searches for the last dragon in the world.
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Disney release their latest animated adventure Raya and the Last Dragon on cinemas and on Disney+ premium and score a number 1 hit movie, despite the debut weekend gross being a little lower than maybe expected.

Last weeks top movie, Tom & Jerry: The Movie, falls to number 2 after its successful debut last weekend and also on the top 5 there are new releases for Chaos Walking and Boogie.

Worthy of note this week is the drop of The War With Grandpa out of the top 15 movies, the film has been a long stay during the COVID-19 pandemic and spent 21 weeks on the chart, this week its at 17 with $20 Million total gross.

Us box office Quickview

  • Number 1 - Raya and the Last Dragon (1st Weekend)
  • Highest debut - Raya and the Last Dragon (@1)
  • Longest run - The Croods: A New Age (15 weeks)
  • Highest total gross - The Croods: A New Age ($53,611,445)

This weeks US box office top 5 breakdown 5th - 7th March 2021

<u><i><b>Raya and the Last Dragon</b></i></u>

Raya and the Last Dragon

Disney return to releasing movies at the US box office, despite it also being on Disney+, and score a number 1 hit, the Kelly Marie Tran and Awkwafina voiced movie takes $8.6 Million on its debut.

Kidpics have been the mainstay of the pandemic era with The War With Grandpa, The Croods: A New Age and last weeks top movie Tom & Jerry: The Movie all doing well, and with spring break on the doorstep this could do well as a return for Disney.

Tom and Jerry

Falling to number 2 this weekend the cat and mouse movie has done very well for itself, especially considering its also available on HBO Max, this week it takes $6.6 Million, a 56% drop from last weekend.

The movie has taken $23 Million at the US box office and is the third top grossing movie of 2021 so far!

Chaos Walking

Chaos Walking

Tom Holland and Daisy Ridley return to the big screen in this sci-fi movie that has been critically panned but still lands at number 3 this week with a gross of $3.8 Million.

Directed by Doug Liman the movie is available on streaming and I suspect wont be a long stay at the box office.


Directed by Eddie Huang this story of a basketball prodigy lands at number 4 this weekend with a debut gross of $1.2 Million.

The Croods: A New Age

Falling to number 5 this weekend is the animated sequel movie which takes $780,000 on its 15th weekend of release, only 38% down from last weekend, giving it a $53.6 Million total.

With cinemas across the UK still closed due to the ongoing pandemic all new releases at the moment are getting released onto streaming, all this weeks film were once set for a cinema release but then got moved to online platforms.

Here are the highlights of this weeks movies to stream either on Disney+ or Amazon Prime Video.

Coming 2 America

Coming 2 America
  • The movie is directed by Craig Brewer
  • Craig Brewer also directed Black Snake Moan in 2007 which grossed £39.7 Thousand in the UK.
  • It stars Eddie Murphy who last starred in Dolemite Is My Name (2019).
  • The film also stars Arsenio Hall who last appeared in Mr. Soul (2018).
  • Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall appeared in Sammy Davis, Jr.: I've Gotta Be Me (2017) together.
  • Available exclusively on Amazon Prime Video.

Raya and the Last Dragon

<u><i><b>Raya and the Last Dragon</b></i></u>
  • This new release stars Kelly Marie Tran who's last film was The Croods: A New Age (2020)
  • It also stars Awkwafina who appeared in The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge On the Run (2020).
  • The film is brought to us by directors Don Hall and Carlos Lopez Estrada.
  • Available exclusively on Disney+.

Next weeks there are 2 new movies

  • SAS: Red Notice, Friday, 12th March
  • Cherry, Friday, 12th March

A new trailer and poster has been released for upcoming movie Raya And The Last Dragon which can seen in full below.

Starring among others Kelly Marie Tran and Awkwafina the movie is directed by Don Hall/Carlos Lopez Estrada and it has a release date of 5th March 2021.

The new trailer introduces the 'con-baby' who is adorable and kick-ass and is bound to become a fan favourite as she joins forces with Raya, and we get our first real introduction of the dragon who seems to have confidence issues.

The poster is typical Disney fare and has the Dragon dominant with Raya taking more of a back seat this time but has her sword ready for action, we also get to see the mysterious circular stone in the background with the sun blazing through.

The movie will be released in cinemas across the world and on Disney+ Premium Access which will require an additional fee, Mulan was an extra £30 ($30) on top of the monthly fee, something HBO Max is not doing with their direct to VOD movies like Wonder Woman 1984.

Synopsis of the movie

In a fantasy land called Kumandra, split into five different regions, a warrior named Raya searches for the last dragon in the world.

Check out the movie page for more information on this film.

Raya And The Last Dragon

Disney have today (December 10th) announced their upcoming animated tale Raya And The Last Dragon will get a release on premium Disney+ same day as theatrical.

Unlike Warner Bros. that have gone the whole hog and announced they will release all 2021 movies on HBO Max Disney look set to announce changes on a per film bases.

Also unlike Warner Disney are to put the movie on a premium channel, which means not only will you need a £4.99 a month subscription you will also need to pay something like £30 extra to see the movie.

Cinemas Closed

From a studios perspective there are 2 issues, you have a lot of films that have not been released due to the pandemic of 2020, so release them fast and allow the consumer to decide if they watch at home to in a movie theatre.

Some of these movies cost million to make, you ave to get as much back as possible, so you charge extra to watch them on a streaming service, its still cheaper, although debatable if its as much fun, as taking the family to the cinema.

This is also a way for studios to experiment with streaming, does it work or not, but whichever way you look at it, its going to be bad news for the owners of movie theatres who will struggle with a reduced number of people buying tickets and all the other concessions that go with a trip to the movies.

Raya And The Last Dragon is set for release 12th March 2021 in theatres and on Disney+ Premier

As promised Disney have released the first trailer for Raya And The Last Dragon which they will release into cinemas March 12th 2021.

The story follows a fearless warrior and she searches a fantasy land for the last dragon in the world.

Check out the action packed trailer below.

Featuring the voices of Kelly Marie Tran (Star Wars: The Last Jedi) as the fearless warrior Raya and Awkwafina (Jumanji: The Next Level) as the dragon Sisu.

The trailer is full of action and definitely has that magical look and story telling that Disney has become known for.

Its looking like it will be a big hit for Disney in spring next year, if the cinemas re-opening allow, otherwise it could be straight to Disney+!.