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Aria 1987

No cover art for Aria

Directed by

Bruce Beresford
Bill Bryden
Franc Roddam
Nicolas Roeg
Charles Sturridge


John Hurt
John Hurt
Theresa Russell
Stephanie Lane
Roy Hyatt
Sevilla Delofski
Ruth Halliday
Arthur Cox
Dennis Holmes
Paul Brightwell
Frank Baker
Christopher Hunter
Nicola Swain
Jackson Kyle
Marianne McLoughlin
Marion Peterson
Valerie Allain
Jacques Neuville
Luke Corre
Christiam Cauchon
Philippe Pellant
Patrice Linguet
Lionel Sorin
Jean Coffinet
Alexandre Des Granges
Gerard Vivès
Frederick Brosse
Pascal Bermont
Jean Luc Corre
Bernard Gaudray
Dominique Mano
Patrice Tridian
Buck Henry
Gary Kasper
Anita Morris
John Hostetter
Albie Selznick
Stan Mazin
Dominic Salinero
Jeff Calhoun
Elizabeth Hurley
Peter Birch
Bridget Fonda
James Mathers
Angie Tetamontie
Esther Buchanan
Lorraine Cote
Renee Korn
Bertha Weiss
Dyanne Thorne
Howard Maurer
Derick Coleman
Quentin Brown
Linzi Drew
Andreas Wisniewski
Bella Enahoro
Bunty Mathias
Angela Walker
Amy Johnson
Tilda Swinton
Spencer Leigh
Sophie Ward
Paul Collard
George Ellis Jones
Danny Fitzgerald
Johnny Doyle
David Ross
Lucy Olivier
Gordon Winter
Derek Farmer
Michelle Read
Maximillian Roeg
Bernie Bonvoisin
Cris Campion
Anne Canovas
Sandrine Dumas
Jody Guelb
Julie Hagerty
Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu
Benedicte Loyen
Crystal Lujan
Geneviève Page
Delphine Rich
Louis-Marie Taillefer
Dolly West
UK BBFC Age Rating:  18 age rating
US total gross
United States Flag  $1 Million
Global total gross
Global Flag  $1 Million

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UK Age Rating
UK BBFC Certificate: 18
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Here is the BBFC certificate breakdown.

  • Age rating: 15
  • Runtime: 96 minutes (1 hour 36 minutes)
  • Reason for age rating: strong sex references, crude humour, discrimination, very strong language
  • Release date: 23rd October 2020
  • The movie was passed uncut

BBFC movie certificate detail page.

With Tenet making a 6th week at the top of the UK box office lets take a look at what were the biggest movies on selected charts in early October over the last 30 year.

A year ago (2019)

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Five years ago (2015)

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Top total grossing:
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Fifteen years ago (2005)

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Pride And Prejudice which had been at the top for 3 weeks.

Highest debut:
A History Of Violence directed by David Cronenberg and starring Viggo Mortensen and Maria Bello which entered the box office at number 2.

No. 1 and top total grossing:
Charlie And The Chocolate Factory which had taken £37.1 Million over 10 weeks of release.

Twenty years ago (2000)

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No. 1 and top total grossing:
Chicken Run which had taken £28.6 Million over 14 weeks of release.

Twenty five years ago (1995)

No.1 movie:
Apollo 13 which had been at the top for 2 weeks.

Highest debut:
Species directed by Roger Donaldson and starring Ben Kingsley and Michael Madsen which entered the box office at number 2.

Longest run:
Judge Dredd which had been on the box office for 11 weeks.

Top total grossing:
Batman Forever which had taken £19.7 Million after 11 weeks of release.

Thirty years ago (1990)

No. 1 movie: Ghost which had been at the top for 1 weeks and with a total gross of £10.5 Million it was also the top total grossing film.

Highest Debut: Ghost directed by Jerry Zucker and starring Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore which entered the box office at number 1.

Longest run:
Total Recall which had been on the box office for 11 weeks.

Todd Phillips directed Joked makes its box office debut at the top of the chart as it removes Downton Abbey after a 3 weeke spell while Judy manages a number 2 debut.


Starring Joaquin Phoenix the new villain movie from the DC Universe hits the top of the box office on its debut with an excellent £12.5 Million weekend.

This meakes the film the 57th top opening film in the UK ever, beating The Inbetweeners 2 and coming in behind The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1.

With such a big opening expect the films gross to be one of DC's better grosses and with good reviews and Oscar potential this movie could run well into next year.


Renée Zellweger gives what critics are calling an Oscar worthy performance in the bio-pic movie of Judy Garland which opens at number 2 with a very respectable £2 Million.

Again with good reviews and mentions of Oscars this Rupert Goold directed movie could have a very good run in the UK.

Downton Abbey

The British high class movie falls from the top to number 3 on its 4th weekend of release with £1.4 Million giving the film a £23.1 Million total, the film is now the 10th highest grossing of 2019.


The surprise film of the autumn falls to number 4 this weekend with £590,645 but the Lorene Scafaria directed movie had taken £6.1 Million in the UK.

Ad Astra

The Brad Pitt starring space drama falls to number 5 this weekend with £467,983 after 3 weeks of release, but the films £5.5 Million total is very respectable.

The Lion King

The British public can't get enough of Disney's animated remake and this week if the top total grossing movie on the box office with £75 Million, after 12 weeks of release it is still at number 6!

Toy Story 4

Also from Disney is the longest run on this weeks box office as the Pixar film notches up a 16th weekend, the film has taken £65 Million so far.

The Todd Phillips directed Joker hits the top of the US box office ahead of expectation and breaks the American October debut record while Abominable falls to number 2.


Starring Joaquin Phoenix as the title character the DC villain movie has had its fair share of controversy, but good reviews, especially the performance of Phoenix has helped it to a $96.2 Million debut weekend.

This beats the record for the top October opening, held by last years superhero villain movie Venom, which took $80.3 Million this weekend last year.

This is a very different film and with Oscar potential for lead actor this could have a good run.


The animated movie from Dreamworks falls from the top to number 2 this weekend with a gross of $11.2 Million.

This takes the well received films total gross after 2 weeks to $37.7 Million.

Downton Abbey

The British made film about the famous stately home falls to 3 this week with a weekend take of $7.9 Million.

This takes the films total US gross to a very respectable $73.6 Million after 3 weeks of release.


Director Lorene Scafaria take on strippers who take revenge falls to number 4 this week with $6.4 Million.

The film has now taken a excellent $91.4 Million after 4 weeks of release and should hit the $100 Million mark by next weekend.

IT Chapter Two

Andy Muschietti horror sequel has done better than initially though on release and this week slips to number 5 with $5.3 Million which pushes the films total to $202.1 Million after 4 weeks of release.

The Lion King

Disney's remake is the film with the longest run on the this weeks US box office as it spends its 12 week inside the top 15 with a total gross of $541.2 Million.