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Dreams 1990

No cover art for Dreams

Directed by

Ishiro Honda


Akira Terao
Mitsuko Baisho
Mother of 'I'
Toshie Negishi
Mother carrying child
Mieko Harada
The Snow Fairy
Mitsunori Isaki
Toshihiko Nakano
Yoshitaka Zushi
Pvt. Noguchi
Hisashi Igawa
Nuclear Plant Worker
Chosuke Ikariya
The crying demon
Chishu Ryu
Old Man
Martin Scorsese
Vincent Van Gogh
Masayuki Yui
Member of climbing team
Tessho Yamashita
Second Lieutenant
Misato Tate
Peach Trees' Fairy (segment „The Peach Orchard„)
Catherine Cadou
A woman in the fields (segment „Crows„)
Mieko Suzuki
'I's sister
Mugita Endo
Ryujiro Oki
Masaru Sakurai
Masaaki Sasaki
Keiki Takenouchi
Motohiro Toriki
Shu Nakajima
Member of climbing team
Tokuju Masuda
Masuo Amada
Sakae Kimura
Member of climbing team
Shogo Tomomori
Ryo Nagasawa
Akisato Yamada
Tetsu Watanabe
Ken Takemura
Tetsuya Ito
Shoichiro Sakata
Naoto Shigemizu
Hiroshi Miyasaka
Yasuhiro Kajimoto
Makoto Hasegawa
Nagamitsu Satake
Satoshi Hara
Yasushige Turuoka
Shigeru Edaki
Hideharu Takeda
Katsumi Naito
Masaaki Enomoto
Norio Takei
Eiji Iida
Koji Kanda
Hideto Aota
Kazue Nakanishi
Rika Miyasawa
Mika Edaki
Mayumi Kamimura
Sayuri Yoshioka
Teruko Nakayama
Sachiko Nakayama
Toshiya Ito
Takashi Ito
Motoyuki Higashimura
Yasuhito Yamanaka
Haruka Sugata
Noriko Hayami
Ayaka Takahashi
Yuko Ishiwa
Sachiko Oguri
Masayo Mochida
Miki Kado
Mika Ikeya
Sakiko Yamamoto
Mayumi Ono
Yumiko Miyata
Aya Ikaida
Megumi Hata
Asako Hirano
Chika Nishio
Yuko Harada
Tomomi Yoshizawa
Kumiko Ishizuka
Masumi Yoda
Hatsue Nishi
Michiko Kawada
Machiko Ichihashi
Yumi Ezaki
Chika Yamabe
Mayuko Akashi
Fujio Tohita
Michio Hino
Michio Kida
Noriko Honma
Haruko Togo
Reiko Nanao
Shin Tonomura
Junpei Natsuki
Shigeo Kato
Saburo Kadowaki
Goichi Nagatani
Shizuko Azuma
Yoshie Kihira
Yukie Shimura
Setsuko Kawaguchi
Kumeko Otowa
Machiko Terada
Umiko Takahashi
Harumi Fujii
Hiroko Okuno
Mon Ota
Akitoku Inaba
Kou Ishikawa
Tatsunori Tokuhashi
Yoshiko Maki
Hiroko Maki
Ryoko Kawai
Miyako Kawana
Miyuki Egawa
Megumi Sakai
Yoko Hayashi
Yuko Matsumura
Takashi Odashima
Mitsuru Shibuya
Koichi Imamura
Wasuke Izumi
Sachio Sakai
Torauemon Utazawa
Yukimasa Natori
Tadashi Okumura
Kenzo Shirahama
Masato Goto
Sumimaro Yochimi
Junichi Kubozono
Masami Ozeki
Yasuyuki Iwanaga
Akira Tashiro
Koichi Kase
Kenji Fujita
Hiroto Tamura
Osamu Yayama
Yuji Sawayama
Mitsuji Tsuwako
Masatoshi Miya
Maiko Okamoto
Nana Yamakawa
Yuka Kojima
Shizuka Isami
Mai Watanabe
Sayuri Kobayashi
Ayako Honua
 119 minutes (1 hrs 59 mins)

PG age rating

Dreams PG age rating 
Release dates
UK release date UK release: 25th May 1990
US release date US release: 24th August 1990
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25th May 2022
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4th Jul 2022
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Director Edgar Wright brings his unique style back to the cinema in this drama horror movie Last Night in Soho which is given an 18 rating by the BBFC for strong bloody violence.

The movie stars Thomasin McKenzie as the girl in modern times and Anya Taylor-Joy as her time companion, the supporting cast include Matt Smith and Diana Rigg.

As mentioned the movie is directed by Edgar Wright who is probably best known for The Cornetto Trilogy, Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz and The Worlds End.

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An aspiring fashion designer is mysteriously able to enter the 1960s, where she encounters a dazzling wannabe singer. However, the glamour is not all it appears to be, and the dreams of the past start to crack and splinter into something far darker.

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The Peanut Butter Falcon has been passed uncut in the UK and given a 12A age rating by the BBFC.

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Despite the surprise yesterday that Disney is buying LucasFilms from George Lucas for 2 1/2 billion, which will include the license to all the franchises that the production company owns, it wasn't really that much of a surprise, and it could have been predicted.

Not long ago it was reported that Lucas wanted to retire, to leave the Hollywood blockbuster behind and maybe concentrate on smaller budget films like his recently produced film Red Tails, this is a large chunk of change to do that.

Lucas has always had a good relationship with Disney, just go to a theme park and see the level of Star Wars merchandise for sale, and the infamous Star Tours ride which was opened in 1987 and got a major revamp in 2010.

So in the end it was Disney who have purchased LucasFilms rather than maybe the more obvious studio, 20th Century Fox but the real question has to be the continuing production of it's most loved franchises, well both of them anyway.

First off is the Indiana Jones franchise, directed by Steven Spielberg and funded and released by Paramount, will future episodes 1) still have the involvement of Paramount, not really a big issue, or 2) be directed by Spielberg? Or star Harrison Ford? Disney are know for cashing in on big film names, see Aladdin, Cars, Beauty and the Beast to name a few, and maybe fans have something to worry about.

Now lets address the one on all our minds. At the press conference it was almost instantly announced that there will be a Star Wars Episode VII (7) released in 2015, oooh, that's big, and scary, and with Lucas taking an back seat, although he has an advisory role, what will happen.

Lucas may have tarnished the Star Wars franchise with the prequel trilogy, but above anything else he was very true to the franchise, and the universe he has created, he clearly has a lot of affection for all things Star Wars and despite not doing the best job possible a lot of love and attention went into the films, that in difficult narrative circumstances tied the films into the original series, and the characters were also true to it.

Star Wars Episode VII possibly isn't the concern, Disney also announced there will be an Episode VIII in 2017 and Episode IX in 2019 this is more worrying and anything beyond that are clearly frightening.

Star Wars has been with us since 1977, there has been 6 films of varying degrees of quality, but it has millions and millions of fans worldwide who still love the series, Lucas shattered some of our dreams in 1999 with Episode I, but those dreams have been repaired over time, we either forget them or learn to love them, is Disney about to totally destroy our dreams? When all has been said and done what I really want to know is, did Disney get the 1977 Star Wars Holiday Special in the deal and will they now release it onto Blu-ray?