Fast & Furious Presents Hobbs and Shaw 2019

Fast & Furious Presents Hobbs and Shaw

Directed by


Dwayne Johnson
Dwayne Johnson
Jason Statham
Jason Statham
Idris Elba
Idris Elba
Helen Mirren
Helen Mirren
Jack Kane
Jack Kane
Vanessa Kirby
Eiza González
Madame M
Eddie Marsan
Professor Andreiko
Eliana Sua
Cliff Curtis
Lori Pelenise Tuisano
John Tui
Joshua Mauga
Joe Anoai
Rob Delaney
Agent Loeb
Alex King
Lt. Grapefruit
Tom Wu
John Macdonald
Georgia Meacham
Party Model
Laura Porta
Party Model
Ima Caryl Cruz
Tattoo Assistant
Shiloh Coke
Prison Guard
Joshua Coombes
Young Deckard
Meesha Garbett
Young Hattie
Harry Hickles
Young Owen
Lucy McCormick
L.A. Waitress
Stephen Mitchell
CIA Handler
Akie Kotabe
CIA Handler
Felicity Dean
Savoy Check-in Guest
Pete White
London Cabbie
Peter Basham
Agent at Hattie's
Noah Maxwell Clarke
Agent at Hattie's
Joel MacCormack
CIA Mapping Agent
Vineeta Rishi
Eteon Assistant
Champ Nightengale
Eteon Director
David Mumeni
Eteon Computer Tech
Gavin Esler
U.K. Newsreader
Ansu Kabia
U.K. Newsreader
Stephanie Vogt
U.S. Newsreader
Dan Li
Chinese Newsreader
Adam Ganne
German Newsreader
Antonio Mancino
Italian Newsreader
Dan H. McCormick
Thalissa Teixeira
Rosie's Nanny
James Dryden
British Customs Officer
Katia Elizarova
Flight Attendant
Ella-Rae Smith
Madame M's Crew
Rain Chan
Madame M's Crew
Lee Anne Nyagodzi
Madame M's Crew
Maria Sergejeva
Madame M's Crew
Mackenzie Proll
Young Bully
Young Bully
Nathan Jones
Russian Fighter Pilot
Spencer Wilding
Eteon's Uber Merc
Axel Nu
Eteon Medical Tech
Stephen Dunlevy
Eteon Merc
Timothy Connolly
Eteon Merc
David Leitch
Eteon Helicopter Pilot
Michael Wildman
U.K. Police Leader
Jobe Allen
Samoan Local
Manoj Anand
Airport Passenger
Pualani Avaeoru
Leo Ayres
Gang Member
Philip John Bailey
Lyon Beckwith
Hobb's Cousin
Daniel Bernhardt
Kishore Bhatt
Airport Passenger
Martin Bratanov
Kitchen Porter
Sergio Briones
Jill Buchanan
Prison Visitor
Abbey Butler
Airport Steward
Conlan Casal
Tim Connolly
Cocky Merc
Samantha Corcoran
Background Security
Richard Curtis
Bicycle Courier
James JD Knight Dunn
Infantry Henchman
Daniel Eghan
Viktorija Faith
Russian Plane Passenger
Julian Ferro
City Man
Francesca Fraser
Wife Diner
Vickrem Gill
Airport Steward
Michel Alexandre Gonzalez
Mark Gooden
Sonia Goswami
City Woman
Air Marshall Dinkley
Patrick Holly
Helena Holmes
Ruth Horrocks
City Woman
Kalanikauleleiaiwi Jardine
Auto Shop Worker
Lampros Kalfuntzos
Russian Plane Passenger
Kyle Leatherberry
Westley LeClay
Hobbs' Cousin
Steve Lewington
Black Infantry Soldier
Marian Lorencik
Russian Plane Passenger
Teresa Mahoney
Lady in Rain
Clay Mason
Kevin Matadeen
Stephen McGowan
Bio-Hazard Scientist
Peter Parker Mensah
Black Infantry Soldier
Kelemete Misipeka
Samoan War Dancer
Pingi Moli
Hobbs' Cousin
Richard James Montgomery
Mercenary / Talos Suit
Sascha Panknin
Airport Passenger
Richard Price
Israel Ruiz
London City Worker
Rubens Saboia
Black Infantry Soldier
Ben Santos
Warehouse Engineer
Bernardo Santos
Dave Simon
Matt Townsend
City Man
Rutvig Vaid
International Tourist
Jay Waddell
Street Racer
Nicholas Walker
 134 minutes (2 hrs 14 mins)
UK BBFC Age Rating:  12A age rating
UK release date UK release: 1st August 2019
UK total gross
United Kingdom Flag  £20.5 Million
US total gross
United States Flag  $173.8 Million
Global total gross
Global Flag  $759.1 Million
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Salty Popcorn Star Rating
Salty Popcorn Star Rating
Salty Popcorn Star Rating
Salty Popcorn Star Rating
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UK total gross
Fast & Furious Presents Hobbs and Shaw

US total gross
Fast & Furious Presents Hobbs and Shaw

Global total gross
Fast & Furious Presents Hobbs and Shaw
UK Age Rating
UK BBFC Certificate: 12A
UK Box Office Info

Highest chart position: 1

Weeks on box office: 13

UK Box Office Chart History
Fast & Furious Presents Hobbs and Shaw
US Box Office Info

Highest US chart position: 1

Weeks on US box office: 13

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  • The movie is directed by M. Night Shyamalan, it is the directors 15th movie.
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Wrath of Man

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  • Guy Ritchie also directed Revolver in 2005 which grossed £1.6 Million in the UK.
  • It stars Jason Statham who also starred in Fast & Furious Presents Hobbs and Shaw (2019).
  • The film also stars Holt McCallany who last appeared in Greenland (2020).

Riders of Justice

  • The movie is directed by Anders Thomas Jensen, it is the directors 5th movie.
  • Anders Thomas Jensen also directed Men and Chicken in 2016 which grossed £10.9 Thousand in the UK.
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At the UK box office this weekend, Friday, 13th March 2020, there are 5 new releases looking to take your attention at the local multiplex and knock Onward from the top of the UK box office chart next week.


First up at cinemas this week is Bloodshot, directed by Dave Wilson who also directed Energy Crisis in 1974.

It stars Vin Diesel who last starred in Avengers: Endgame (2019).

The film also stars Eiza Gonzalez who last appeared in Fast & Furious Presents Hobbs And Shaw (2019).


Next on this weeks new release schedule is Misbehaviour.

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It stars Dwayne Johnson who last starred in Fast & Furious Presents Hobbs And Shaw (2019).

The film also stars Jack Black who last appeared in Don't Worry, He Won't Get Far On Foot (2018).

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After a couple of weeks of very little happening on the global box office this week the much anticipated sequel to IT makes its way to the top on its debut weekend.

IT Chapter Two

Two years on from the original and the sequel hits the top spot on its debut, although with less impact and less favourable reviews.

The Andy Muschietti directed movie takes $185 Million on its global debut from 76 countries.

Fast & Furious Presents Hobbs And Shaw

The franchise movie starring Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham falls to 2 this week with $19.4 Million from 76 countries.

After 6 weeks of release the movie has now taken a very respectable $719.7 Million which puts it on the lower end of the Fast & Furious movies.

The Lion King

Disneys remake continues to pull in audiences across the world as it take $17.5 Million from 51 countries on its 9the weekend.

The film is now at $1.59 Billion total gross and it will become only the 7th movie to cross $1.6 Billion.

Once Upon A Time ... In Hollywood

Quentin Tarantino's most successful film to date is at number 4 this week with a weekend gross of $15.1 Million from 60 countries taking its total to $310.5 after 7 weeks.

Angel Has Fallen

Falling to number 5 after 3 weeks of release in the threequel movie starring Gerard Butler and Morgan Freeman which takes $8 Million from 44 countries pushing its total to $97.3 Million.

After letting go of the top spot for a week Once Upon A Time in ... Hollywood has gone back to the top with The Informer the highest new film coming in down the chart at number 10!

Once Upon a Time ... In Hollywood

Tarantino's highest grossing film to date goes back to the top of the box office after falling to number 2 last weekend.

The Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt starring movie takes £1.8 Million over the weekend to push its UK gross to £16.3 Million.

The Lion King

Disneys mega smash moves up to number 2 this week with a weekend gross of £1.2 Million.

This gives the Jon Favreau directed movie an amazing UK gross os £71.7 Million after 7 weeks of release and its the second highest grossing movie of the year.

Angel Has Fallen

After taking the top spot last weekend the threequel movie falls hard to number 3 in its second week with a gross of £1.2 Million, this pushes the films total gross to £4.5 Million.

Dora and the Lost City of Gold

Still hanging on to a place in the top 5 the Dora The Explorer move falls to 4 with £622,872 for a total in the UK of £4 Million after 3 weeks.

Fast & Furious Presents Hobbs and Shaw

Falling to number 5 this week the Fast & Furious franchise film takes £610,479 which increases its total to £19 Million after 5 weeks of release.

The Informer

Highest new film of the week comes in at number 10, the Andrea Di Stefano directed movie stars Ana de Armas and Rosamund Pike and starts its UK run with £301,424.

Toy Story 4

The Pixar movie continues its long run on the UK box office and this week makes it 11 weeks, it now has a total gross of £63.8 Million.