Pirates 2021


Directed by

Reggie Yates


Elliot Edusah
Jordan Peters
Two Tonne
Reda Elazouar
Kassius Nelson
Youssef Kerkour
Uncle Ibbs
Rebekah Murrell
Aaron Shosanya
Tosin Cole
Shiloh Coke
Tsion Habte
Peyvand Sadeghian
Elroy Powell
House - bouncer
Ronnie Herel
Valerie Paul
Mrs. Mensah
Chris Streeks
Michael McGarry
Darren Hart
Gbolahan Obisesan
Ronnie Herel
Cher Myra
Oriana Page
Anastasia Zabarchuk
 80 minutes (1 hrs 20 mins)
UK release date UK release: 26th November 2021
UK total gross
United Kingdom Flag  £88.5 Thousand

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This weeks UK box office

Pirates is number 26 on the UK box office with £4.7 Thousand.

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UK total gross

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Two big movies fought it out this weekend to win the UK box office with The Suicide Squad and Jungle Cruise both new this week, it was the DC universe villans who won in the end quite easily.

Jungle Cruise ended up coming in second by nearly a million pound while outside the top 5 Spirit Untamed entered at number 6 with £592,154, The Sparks Brothers came in at 11 with £123,005 and Limbo was new at 13 with £50,600.

Good news on this weeks box office, it is the highest total gross since the pandemic began with a total top 15 taking ove £10.5 Million.

UK box office QUickView

  • Number 1 - The Suicide Squad (1st Weekend)
  • Highest debut - The Suicide Squad (@1)
  • Longest run - Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway (11 weeks)
  • Highest total gross - Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway (£19.3 Million)

UK box office top 5 breakdown weekend 30th July - 1st August

The Suicide Squad

Director James Gunn who brought us the MCU movie Guardians of the Galaxy brings us his spin on the super villain movie and judging from the reviews its a grittier more violent take than the 2016 movie from director David Ayer.

This new spin on the comic book story takes £3.2 Million on its debut, and although its unfair to compare the 2016 movie took £11.2 Million on its debut.

Jungle Cruise

Disney bring us their latest Disneyland ride turned into a movie as Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt star in this lighthearted adventure comedy.

The movie makes its debut at number 2 with £2.2 Million and again its unfair to compare, Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl which was also based on a Disneyland ride took £3.7 Million on its debut, so this is actually quite close!

Space Jam: A New Legacy

It's the summer holidays in the UK and after a very difficult year at school it seems the cinema is a popular choice of entertainment as the LeBron James starring toon flick takes £1.2 Million, a slim 8% drop over last weekend.

This gives the movie a total UK gross of £6.5 Million after 3 weeks of release and the seventh top movie of 2021.

The Croods: A New Age

The school holidays are turning this animated sequel into a sleeper hit as it falls to number 4 this weekend but takes £893,054, a 2% increase over last week.

The movie has been on the box office now for 3 weeks and has a UK gross of £4.2 Million, its the ninth top movie of 2021.

Black Widow

The latest Marvel movie is on its decline now but still hands onto a top 5 position as it falls from the top to number 5, quite a drop!

The movie takes £788,028 over the weekend which is a fairly good 44% drop consider its on its fourth weekend of release.

The movie has taken a total of £16 Million in the UK which makes it the second top grossing movie of 2021.

Disney release its latest movie, Jungle Cruise, which makes its debut at the top of the North American box office with little in the way of competition.

Beating all expectations indie movie The Green Knight makes its debut at number 2 while rounding out the top 5 is the new Matt Damon movie Stillwater.

US box office QuickView

  • Number 1 - Jungle Cruise (1st Weekend)
  • Highest debut - Jungle Cruise (@1)
  • Longest run - A Quiet Place Part II and Cruella (10 weeks)
  • Highest total gross - Fast & Furious 9 ($168.5 Million)

North American box office top 5 breakdown weekend 30th July - 1st August 2021

Jungle Cruise

Disney release their latest movie based on a ride which hits the top of the North American box office with $34.2 Million on its debut.

As the world is still trying to cope with the global pandemic this is never going to hit the same heights at the other movies based on a ride

Pirates of the Caribbean but its a good start for the movie and its already the 16th top movie of 2021.

The Green Knight

Starring Dev Patel and directed by David Lowery this historical drama about the nephew of King Arthur makes a surprise new entry at number 2 this week.

The movie takes a very respectable, especially in the current box office climate $6.7 Million debut, largely pushed by very good critical reviews.


Falling to number 3 from its debut position at the top of the box office is the M. Night Shyamalan directed movie which takes $6.7 Million on its second weekend, a quite large 60% drop.

This takes the movie total US gross to $30.6 Million after its 2 weeks on the chart.

In truth it had a tough fight with the new number 2 movie The Green Knight and only missed out on the number 2 position by a few thousand dollars.

Black Widow

The Marvel movie falls to number 4 this weekend with $6.4 Million, a decent 45% drop, giving the movie a $167 Million total after 4 weeks.


Finally in the top 5 a new entry for Matt Damon as his new movies makes its debut at 5 with $5.12 Million.

A new trailer and poster has been released from Disney studios for their upcoming movie Jungle Cruise which you can see to the right and below.

Like Pirates Of The Caribbean the movie is based on a ride at the Disneyland resort in Anaheim California, there are 4 movies in the Pirates series which went on to gross over a Billion dollars each so hopes might be quite high for this, especially as Johnson and Blunt are two of the biggest stars around at the moment.

The movies release date is 24th July 2020 and it stars among others Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt and is directed by Jaume Collet-Serra

Set during the early 20th century, a riverboat captain named Frank takes a scientist and her brother on a mission into a jungle to find the Tree of Life which is believed to possess healing powers. Based on Disneyland"s theme park ride the jungle is filled with dangerous animals but supernatural element are around every corner.

Check out the movie page for more information on this film.

Dwayne Johnson seems to be the biggest star on the planet at the moment and today he introduces the trailer for his upcoming movie Jungle Cruise.

The film also stars Emily Blunt and it is inspired by the ride at the Disneyland theme park where a boat takes a group of travelers on a boat trip down a river in the Amazon jungle where supernatural things start to happen.

The Pirates Of The Caribbean films were also based on a ride at Disneyland and those films took over a Billion each at the box office, although Tomorrowland was based on an area in Disneyland and that film bombed so the writing is on the wall for how this film will do.

The first trailer looks promising and although you get feelings of Johnsons own Jumanji as well as the 1999 film The Mummy there is enough here to get us excited.

The film is out on 24th of July 2020 so we will have to enjoy the ride until then, you can check out the trailer below.

Top films globally in 2017: Beauty and the Beast top the global box office in 2017

2017 at the global box office was a story of remakes, sequels and superheroes where a beauty and a beast in live action was the top film of the year while the 8th Furious film wasn't far behind.

Beauty and the Beast, the live action version, was the top at the global box office during 2017 helping Disney to be, by a long way, the biggest studio of 2017 with 6 of the top 10 films coming from the mouse house.

Universal also did well in the runner up spot with Fast and Furious 8 and Despicable Me 3 at 2 and 3 as the long established series bucked a trend of diminished returns for sequels throughout the year.

Warner did well with the DC cinematic universe and the horror hit IT filling in the lower end of the list although Justice League failed to make the top 10 (although it is still on general release at the end of 2017).

Here is the top 10 films of 2017 across the globe.

  1. Beauty and the Beast - $1.2 billion
  2. Fast and Furious 8 - $1.23 billion
  3. Despicable Me 3 - $1.03 billion
  4. Star Wars: The Last Jedi - $953.36 million
  5. Spider-Man Homecoming - $880.16 million
  6. Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2 - $863.73 million
  7. Thor: Ragnorak - $847.32 million
  8. Wonder Woman - $821.84 million
  9. Pirates Of The Caribbean: Salazars Revenge - $794.86
  10. IT - $698.06