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Fame 1980


Directed by


Eddie Barth
Angelo Martelli
Irene Cara
Coco Hernandez
Lee Curreri
Bruno Martelli
Laura Dean
Lisa Monroe
Antonia Franceschi
Hilary Van Doren
Boyd Gaines
Albert Hague
Tresa Hughes
Mrs. Naomi Finsecker
Steve Inwood
Francois Lafete
Paul McCrane
Montgomery MacNeil
Anne Meara
Mrs. Sherwood
Joanna Merlin
Miss Berg
Barry Miller
Ralph Garci
Jim Moody
Gene Anthony Ray
Leroy Johnson
Maureen Teefy
Doris Finsecker
Debbie Allen
Lydia Grant
Richard Belzer
Catch a Rising Star M.C.
Frank Bongiorno
Truck Driver
Bill Britten
Mr. England
Eric Brockington
Plump Eric
Nicholas Bunin
Cindy Canuelas
Nora Cotrone
Topless Student
Mbewe Escobar
Gennadi Filimonov
Victor of Aquitaine
Harvey Finsecker
Penny Frank
Dance Teacher
Willie Henry Jr.
Bathroom Student
Steve Hollander
Drama Student
Sang Kim
Oriental Violinist
Darrell Kirkman
Richard III
Judith LHeureux
Ted Lambert
Drama Student
Nancy Eng
Oriental Student
Sarah Malament
Dance Accompanist
James Manis
Bruno's Uncle
Carol Massenburg
Shirley Mulholland
Isaac Mizrahi
Raquel Mondin
Ralph's Sister
Alba Oms
Ralph's Mother
Frank Oteri
Traci Parnell
Hawaiian Dancer
Sal Piro
Rocky Horror M.C.
Lesley Quickley
Towering Inferno Student
Ray Ramirez
Father Morales
Loris Diran
Drama Student
Ilse Sass
Mrs. Tossoff
Dawn Steinberg
Monitor on Stairs
Jonathan Strasser
Orchestra Conductor
Yvette Torres
Ralph's Little Sister
F.X. Vitolo
Stefanie Zimmerman
Dance Teacher
Tracy Burnett
Principal Dancer
Greg De Jean
Principal Dancer
Laura Delano
Principal Dancer
Michael DeLorenzo
Principal Dancer
Aaron Dugger
Principal Dancer
Neisha Folkes-LeMelle
Principal Dancer
Karen Ford
Principal Dancer
Robin Gray
Principal Dancer
Hazel Green
Principal Dancer
Eva Grubler
Principal Dancer
Patrick King
Principal Dancer
Cynthia Lochard
Principal Dancer
Julian Montenaire
Principal Dancer
Holly Reeve
Principal Dancer
Kate Snyder
Principal Dancer
Principal Dancer
Louis Venosta
Principal Dancer
Philip Wright
Principal Dancer
Ranko Yokoyana
Principal Dancer
Adam Abeshouse
Principal Musician and Vocalist
Yvette D. Carrington
Principal Musician and Vocalist
Fima Ephron
Principal Musician and Vocalist
Anthony Evans
Principal Musician and Vocalist
Crystal Garner
Principal Musician and Vocalist
Lisa Herman
Principal Musician and Vocalist
Thais Hockaday
Principal Musician and Vocalist
Karen Hoppe
Principal Musician and Vocalist
Frankie Laino
Principal Musician and Vocalist
April Lang
Principal Musician and Vocalist
Richard Latimer
Principal Musician and Vocalist
Lisa Lowell
Principal Musician and Vocalist
Ann Marie McDermott
Principal Musician and Vocalist
Kerry McDermott
Principal Musician and Vocalist
Maureen McDermott
Principal Musician and Vocalist
Josh Melville
Principal Musician and Vocalist
Peter Rafelson
Principal Musician and Vocalist
Ann Roboff
Principal Musician and Vocalist
Boris Slutsky
Principal Musician and Vocalist
Alan Vetter
Principal Musician and Vocalist
Evan Weinstein
Principal Musician and Vocalist
Pierre Bedenes
The Transylvanians
Christopher Biggins
The Transylvanians
Judith Blaylock
Barry Bostwick
Brad Majors - A Hero
Gaye Brown
The Transylvanians
Diana Brownstone
Principal Ballet Dancer
Gregory Buchalter
Ishaq Bux
The Transylvanians
Stephen Calcutt
The Transylvanians
Jeanne Carr
Hugh Cecil
The Transylvanians
Imogen Claire
The Transylvanians
Julie Cohen
Featured Vocalist
Rufus Collins
The Transylvanians
Sadie Corre
The Transylvanians
Guido Corte
Man in Airport
Tony Cowan
The Transylvanians
Donna Edge-Rachell
Fran Fullenwider
The Transylvanians
Nancy Gilliam
Charles Gray
The Criminologist - An Expert
Lindsay Ingram
The Transylvanians
Peggy Ledger
The Transylvanians
Annabel Leventon
The Transylvanians
Jon Lonoff
Rocky Horror Show Fan
Anthony Milner
The Transylvanians
Richard O'Brien
Riff Raff - A Handyman
Pamela Obermeyer
The Transylvanians
Patricia Quinn
Magenta - A Domestic
Douglas Rowan
Rocky Horror 'Dr. Frank-N-Furter'
Karen Starr
Holland Taylor
Claudia Van Doren
Tony Then
The Transylvanians
Kimi Wong
The Transylvanians
 134 minutes (2 hrs 14 mins)
UK BBFC Age Rating:  15 age rating
MPAA Age Rating: Fame R age rating 
UK release date UK release: 23rd July 1980
US release date US release: 16th May 1980
Brazil release date Brazil release: 7th July 1980
UK total gross
United Kingdom Flag  £743.6 Thousand
No of ratings:
Total views:
(1 vote)
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On the UK box office this weekend Ghostbusters: Afterlife makes its debut at the top after a much delayed release, meanwhile King Richard starring Will Smith is a new entry at number 5.

Lower down the box office we have Petite Maman new at number 12 with £97,321 and Exodus new at 14 with £95,042 .

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  • Number 1 - Ghostbusters: Afterlife (1st weekend)
  • Highest debut - Ghostbusters: Afterlife (@1)
  • Longest run - No Time To Die (8 weeks)
  • Highest total gross - No Time To Die (£94.4 Million)

UK box office top 5 breakdown weekend 19th - 21st November 2021

Ghostbusters: Afterlife

Coming 22 years after Ghostbusters II director Ivan Rietman, the son of original director Ivan Rietman, brings a sequel to the movies which started he much loved franchise.

The movie makes its debut with a gross of £4.3 Million which is almost identical to the 2016 Paul Feig female led reboot.

Although the movie was delayed a couple of times due to the pandemic its been released with quite a bit of hype, although critical reviews have been very mixed it seems to have been well received by audiences.


The Marvel movie from director Chloe Zhao drop to number 2 this weekend after a couple of weeks at the top with a gross of £1.2 Million, a 58% drop over last weekend.

The movie has now taken a very reasonable £12.8 Million in the UK and is the 10th top movie of 2021 so far.

No Time To Die

Bonds 25th cinematic outing continues to do well and this week falls to 3 with a weekend gross of £940,075, a 40% drop and the first weekend it has failed to gross over £1 Million.

The total gross of the movie now sits at £94.4 Million, it is by far the top movie of 2021 and will remain there for the rest of the year.

It has now overtaken Avatar on the list of all-time UK movie and by next weekend will overtake Spectre to movie into the top 3 top movies.


The classic sci-fi adaptation from director Denis Villeneuve fall to 4 this weekend with £634,843, a 46% drop over last weekend, giving the movie a total UK gross of £20.1 Million and its the 4th top movie of 2021.

King Richard

Will Smith stars as the father of tennis superstars Serena and Venus Wiliams in the bio-pic of their rise to fame which lands at number 5 this weekend with £570,316.

Superhero movie Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings stays put at the top of the UK box office this week making it four weeks consecutively for the Marvel movie.

Highest new film of the weekend is The Sopranos prequel movie The Many Saints of Newark which makes its debut at number 2 while also inside the top 5 is documentary Oasis Knebworth 1996.

The new releases continue with the much delayed The Green Knight finally making its box office debut at number 8 with £166,118.

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  • Number 1 - Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings (4th Weekend)
  • Highest debut - The Many Saints of Newark (@2)
  • Longest run - The Croods: A New Age and Space Jam: A New Legacy (11 weeks)
  • Highest total gross - Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings ($18 Million)

UK box office top 5 breakdown 24th - 26th September 2021

Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

The UK cinema scene is starting to show signs of a total recovery and the Marvel superhero movie has to date shown that people are going back into the cinema.

This weeks the movie takes £1.5 Million at the box office which is a 34% drop over last week, this gives the movie a total UK gross of £18.2 Million.

This puts the movie at number 3 on the top movies of 2021 and will soon overtake Black Widow and Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway to potentially be the top movie of the year, although with the release of No Time To Die this weekend it may not get there!

The Many Saints of Newark

Released as a prequel to the TV show The Sopranos the movie stars Michael Gandolfini as Tony Soprano, the role originally played by his late father James Gandolfini.

The movie is the top new film of the week at number 2 taking £945,319 on its debut weekend.

Free Guy

Falling to number 3 this weekend is the smash hit movie which spends its 7th weekend on the box office taking £551,195, a very slim 17% drop.

The film has now taken £16.1 Million at the UK box office and is the 5th top movie of 2021.

Oasis Knebworth 1996

Directed by Jake Scott this documentary about the superband Oasis playing the legendary Knebworth in 1996 at the height of their fame is the top documentary at the box office in 2021.

The film takes £344,832 on its special showing in selected cinemas over the weekend.


The movie based on the life of Aretha Franklin drop to number 5 this weekend with £250,050 on its 3rd week, a 34 % drop over last weekend which gives the movie a total UK gross of £1.7 Million.

Long overdue for a release the Doug Liman directed Sci-Fi movie finally gets a release in the UK on April 2nd and is given a 12 age rating in the UK by the BBFC.

The movie stars Tom Holland of Spider-Man fame and Daisy Ridley of Star Wars fame and follows a young woman who crash lands her space ship on a planet where you can visually see the thoughts of men.

Chaos Walking is a young adult science fiction series written by novelist Patrick Ness, the first was published in 2008 and was called The Knife of Never Letting Go.

Story synopsis

In Prentisstown, Todd has been brought up to believe that the Spackle released a germ that killed all the women and unleashed Noise on the remaining men.

After discovering a patch of silence out in the swamp, his surrogate parents immediately tell him that he has to run, leaving him with only a map of New World, a message, and many unanswered questions. He soon discovers the source of the silence: a girl, named Viola.

BBFC certificate breakdown.

  • Title: Chaos Walking
  • BBFC age rating: 12 Certificate
  • Reason: moderate violence, threat, injury detail.
  • Release date: April 2nd 2021
  • Runtime: 109m (1 hour 49 minutes)
  • Director: Doug Liman
BBFC certificate info page

The producers of the Bond series have announced that the new Bond film, Bond 25, will get a title reveal tomorrow April 25th at an iconic Bond location.

This will presumably be the 007 stage at Pinewood studios in Ivor, near London England.

The title of the film will be revealed, although Barbara Broccoli has said it wont be the rumoured Shatterhand.

There is every possibility there will also be a poster reveal as well, although this will likely be Daniel Craig posing with a gun in a tuxedo, or some variant of that theme.

See you back here tomorrow at 1:10 GMT/5:10 PST for the event.

**UPDATE** During the web cast which was broadcast from Bond creator Ian Flemming's house Goldeneye in Jamaica, nothing of note was revealed other than the cast and who is writing the script, the good news there is as rumoured its Phoebe Waller-Bridge of TV's Fleabag fame which will bring a good level of humour to the film, something lacking in recent instalments.

Also of note is the inclusion of recent Oscar winner Rami Malek to the cast who will play the lead villain.

The week saw the release of another in the ever growing Conjuring series in the form of The Nun which managed to make its global box offie debut at number 1.

The film saw itself go to the top of the box office in many countries and globally took $131 million from 61 countries on its debut weekend.

Stil pulling in audiences is Mission:Impossible Fallout which on its seventh week of release puls in $24.4 million from 66 countries which raises the global gross to $726.2 million, the highest of the series.

Surprise hit of the summer season is Crazy Rich Asians which is at 3 this week after pulling in $19.2 million from just 24 countries for a total gross of $164.7 million.

Another big hit of the summer is at 4, The meg pulls in $17.3 million from 68 countries for the week which means the film total gross now sits at $131.5 million, its Jason Stathams biggest global hot outside the Fast And Furious franchise.

To finish off the top 5 is another new entry, Peppermint directed by Pierre Morel of taken fame takes $14.6 million from just 18 countries for a reasonable debut from a little hyped films.