The Longest Yard 2005

The Longest Yard

Directed by


Burt Reynolds
Michael Irvin
Walter Williamson
Bill Goldberg
Bob Sapp
Nicholas Turturro
Dalip Singh
Lobo Sebastian
Joey Diaz
Steve Reevis
David Patrick Kelly
Tracy Morgan
Edward Bunker
William Fichtner
Bill Romanowski
Kevin Nash
Steve Austin
Brian Bosworth
Michael Papajohn
Conrad Goode
Brandon Molale
Todd Holland
James Cromwell
Cloris Leachman
Allen Covert
Rob Schneider
Chris Berman
Jim Rome
Patrick Bristow
Lauren Sanchez
Dan Patrick
Christopher Neiman
Ed Lauter
Sean Salisbury
Rob Moore
Big Boy
Michael H. Goodwyn
Ray Stoney
Michael Silas
Andre Fuentes
Lonnie Henderson
Asiel Hardison
Colin Kim
Mark Robert Ellis
Tim Crowley
Kon Artis
Bryan Burwell
Sam Farmer
Jay Glazer
Peter King
John McClain
Adam Schefter
Larry Weisman
Marc S. Ganis
Shane Ralston
Jenae Altschwager
Candace Juleff
Bryan Ross
Ricardo J. King
Stink Fisher
Jasper Pendergrass
Sean McNamara
Robert Harvey
Eric Chmielecki
Denise Marie Jerome
Jaayda McClanahan
Tara Wilson
Rachel Saydak
Cara-Lee Knodel
Nora Hassan
John Hockridge
Steven Alford
P.J. Barberino
Nicolas Barclift
Richard Barela
Brett Bech
Terrell Byrd
Jacare Calhoun
Rodney Carrington
Mary Castro
Brian David
Joe Davis
Christian DeStefanis
Stephen Eiland
Steve Fox
Sean Frost
Wayne Charles Fugate
Kevin Grady
Casey Hendershot
T.S. Hunter
Gui Inacio
Ryan James
Andre M. Johnson
Mike Koperski
Tex Marshall
Carl McDowell
Robert McMurrer
Joseph Mendez
George Meyers
Jody Millard
Kelron Mixon
Scottie Nic
Mark Nobel
Robert O'Connor
Rich Owens
Bob Perry
A.J. Presley
Bobby Roe
Cynthia Rube
David Saxa
Scarlett Schines
Aleksandr Sountsov
Brian Spaeth
Sam Spector
Steve J. Termath
Tarita Virtue
Carlucci Weyant
Jason Williams
David Yeager
Ryan Yerrick

12 age rating
Release dates
UK release date UK release: 9th September 2005
Total grosses
United Kingdom Flag
UK total gross
  £4.4 Million
United States Flag
US total gross
  $132.1 Million
Global Flag
Global total gross
  $191.5 Million
Cinema tickets sold
United Kingdom Flag
UK tickets sold
930,426 aprox.
United States Flag
US tickets sold
20.6 Million aprox.
Global Flag
Global tickets sold
No data
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9th Jun 2016
Last viewed:
16th Aug 2022
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UK total gross
The Longest Yard

Global total gross
The Longest Yard
UK Age Rating
UK BBFC Certificate: 12
UK Box Office Info

Highest chart position: 1

Weeks on box office: 5

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The Longest Yard
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Highest US chart position: 5

Weeks on US box office: 1

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