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Directed by


Malgorzata Bela
Marek Walczewski
Stefan. ojciec Ewy
Teresa Budzisz-Krzyzanowska
Marta, matka Ewy
Barbara Kurzaj
Kolezanka Ewy
Marcin Brzozowski
Andrzej Chyra
Dingo, gospodarz teleturnieju
Anna Radwan
Lekarka wykonujaca USG
Eryk Lubos
Maz kolezanki Ewy
Jacek Laszczkowski
Ewa Malenczuk
Maciej Malenczuk
Mezczyzna w klubie
Roman Gancarczyk
Mezczyzna na klatce schodowej
Dominika Bednarczyk
Marian Lasak
Mariusz Wojciechowski
Sylwester Maciejewski
Gosc weselny
Aleksander Wysocki
Barbara Babilinska
Matka panny mlodej
Aleksander Bela
Krzysztof Bochenek
Joanna Bogacz
Jakub Bohosiewicz
Malgorzata Buchaniec
Jaroslaw Kaganiec
Andrzej Kociubinski
Krzysztof Koncewicz
Grzegorz Kulikowski
Uczestnik wesela
Katarzyna Litwin
Tomasz Mleczek
Maria Niemyjska
Jan Nosal
Agnieszka Palka
Zbigniew Paterak
Uczestnik wesela
Anna Cieslak
Sebastian Domagala
Guest at the wedding
Gabriela Frycz
Krzysztof Fus
Urszula Grabowska
Mariusz Jankiewicz
Maja Remstedt
Krzysztof Rogalski
Zofia Rogozinska
Malgorzata Scislowicz
Leszek Staron
Radoslaw Stephanides
Rafal Szczerbowski
Anna Wierzbinska-Szpaczynska
Tomasz Wygoda
Year: 2004
 101 minutes (1 hrs 41 mins)

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As for the nostalgia, Annie Potts' Janine Melnitz turns up to give some wisdom about why Dr. Egon Spengler moved to a small American town, I hope she has a bigger role than the trailer suggest.

Also we see plenty of the old Ghostbusters equipment, a photo of the 4 originals, and the advert from the original movie plays throughout, and we get to see Paul Rudd have a strange Stay Puff Marshmallow Man experience in a supermarket!

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